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Lay’s Proef

Lay’s has been having fun with fans loving Lay’s.
Not just them, but the moments that surround them with them? Does Lay’s make the moment great or do great moment call for Lay’s?

Having fun, loving Lay’s

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Lay’s spent 2016 having fun with fans loving Lay’s. With the line “How much do you love them?”, the Lay’s Proef, was to test the fun you can have with Lay’s as a group, be that at a party or just hanging out. Each challenge tested how loving Lay’s can create a great moments.

The proof is in the party

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With a summer and winter edition, completing in each test brought Belgian and Dutch Lay’s fans closer to a Lay’s moment guaranteed to be the fun highlight of the season. At every step we challenged fans to go further and further, sharing their test results with the rest. We knew Lay’s fans were up for fun but the reaction of our fan collaborators surprised even us.

Off-the-chart engagement

Together with Lay’s fans at a high engagement of 2.5% we created enough content for over 33.195.154 Views, 15,000 hours of viewed material and these weren’t long videos. This lead to exponential growth in the percentage of watched video’s, up %71. Those weren’t the only results, our tests proved conclusively that you’ll have a blast testing the strong relationship between good times and Lays.