Get stitched up, Mountain Dew style

Get Stitched Up

At the 2016 Dew Tour in Amsterdam, we gave visitors a taste of Mountain Dew’s creative culture by customizing their clothes with one-of-a-kind artworks.

Live studio event

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In a live studio event, fans dropped their t-shirts, sweaters, backpacks, even their pants, and picked a design. Our professional stitching crew stitched it right up to create a unique personalized piece. Not only was it a great experience - the stitched up items still serve as wearable references to the Mountain Dew brand.

Creative Collaboration

Amsterdam illustrator Saša Ostoja designed ten unique stitches for the event. Each of his designs connected to the creative culture that surrounds skating. It showed visitors of the event that Mountain Dew’s #DoTheDew mantra is all about defining your own style and taking that to the max.


When it came to executing the idea, we looked to our crew of professional stitchers. Together, they turned Saša’s illustrations into thread-and-needle patterns and stitched up no less than six hundred items over two days! That means 600 new ambassadors for the Mountain Dew brand and, most importantly, 600 happy faces.