From co-creation to co-creative

Lay's Crunchfunding

With a history of successful engagement campaigns and a creative and enthusiastic fanbase, PepsiCo introduces the online platform Lay's Crunchfunding. Its mission: To find out what you can achieve with enough Lay's chips and a little creativity.

Crunchfunding #1: Zomerkriebels

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Crunchfunding #1: can we co-create a summer hitsong with just Lay's crisps, the creativity of our fans and a little help from Dutch artist Nielson? Watch the video to find out.

Crunchfunding #2: Merchandise

Crunchfunding #2: what if we ask fans to create their own Lay's merchandise, with only some Lay's crisps, their own creativity and the help of our creative studio? We did and they made a hoodie!

Crunchfunding #3: block calendar

Crunchfunding #3: would it be possible the fill 366 days with Lay's fun? With the Lay's Block Calendar we proved it is! Together with fans we co-created a calender filled with jokes, cartoons and quirky quotes.