The Next Rugby Great

To launch the new Armour® baselayer at the height of the international rugby season we challenged young athletes to become the Next Rugby Great.

The campaign

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Every young rugby player wants to take their hero's place some day. To launch Under Armour’s new Armour® baselayer shirt, we challenged fans in the UK and Ireland to prove to Under Armour's rugby stars that they had what it takes to become the Next Rugby Great.

Challenge #1: JAMES HASKELL

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Flanker James Haskell's job is to disrupt defenses. His challenge to fans was to do as many pull ups as possible and prove their disruptive strength.


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Leigh Halfpenny trains relentlessly to make every kick count. To prove they have the same determination, contestants were asked to keep kicking as long as necessary until they hit the upright.

Challenge #3: JORDI MURPHY

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To be a dominant player like Jordi Murphy, you have to be willing to give it all. Contestants proved their willpower by enduring a freezing ice bath.

Challenge #4: JAMIE ROBERTS

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Master tactician Jamie Roberts beats his opponents with his mind, before he beats them on the pitch. To prove their tactical brilliance fans had to score a try in an unusual place.

Challenge #5: DREW MITCHELL

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Drew Mitchell always makes his man miss. By posting their best side step, reverse kick, ball trick - fans proved they have the creative moves to also be a rugby great.

Challenge #6: JAMIE CUDMORE

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Lock Jamie Cudmore defends his ground and rallies his men. Contestants proved their leadership skills by posting a motivational pre-game speech to their teammates.