Live The Sportlife

Sportlife 360° video

To inspire young consumers to start living their dreams, we created the Live The Sportlife campaign. An immersive 360° video collaboration with the Poederbaas Freeride Team that took Sportlife’s brand promise of Unexpected Freshness to awesome new heights.

360° video

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We wanted online viewers to experience those gnarly runs and epic jumps as if they were there. And with 360° video, that’s exactly what we did. 

Live The Sportlife

We designed the Live The Sportlife platform to place the Sportlife product at the center of young consumers’ lifestyle. It’s about choosing what you like and giving that your all. A great example of this mentality is the Poederbaas crew. They don’t just ski, they free ride. 

Behind the scenes

Broken rigs, icy cliffs, and a whole lot of unexpected freshness. Going behind the scenes with the Poederbaas Freeride Team, we realized how immersive their lifestyle is. Our crew had a blast, but the icy conditions sometimes proved too much for our 360° equipment. Nothing a little duct tape DYI couldn’t fix! We stuck with it and the Poederbaas delivered the best shots we could wish for.