Empathy is a clear human trait that enables us to get to know people, and understand their culture beyond the crowd. We have turned it into our method and use it to add value to peoples lives as we act accordingly.

On our quest to solve and overcome our clients’ biggest challenges by means of building cultural relevance, we follow a six-step process informed by people: the Empathy Loop®.

This process allows us to explore and discover, to test and to tweak, and to constantly increase our understanding of the world around us. Finally, it ensures our consumer facing solutions find a place in culture, and evolve within it.

The most important part in our approach is the believe that learning never stops. Therefore our approach follows a looped proces. A proces that allows for trail and error but most importantly that allows for learning.

The first step in our proces is to truly understand
Before answering any brief we take a step back and to map our audience. who are they? what drives them? and what holds them back? We research and interpret crucial elements of the complex world around us and distill actionable insights.

The second step in our proces is to rationalise our believes
This will be a back and forward with the client to identify and discuss key insights, to define the main challenge and opportunities.

The third step is to see if our insights resonate
Here we’ll explore, prototype, and test drive solutions with end users.

The forth step is to resolve the brief
Now we develop and optimise consumer facing solution to ensure maximum cultural impact.

The fifth step is to act in the market
We’re ready for our initial market launch and have people to experience and interact with.

The sixth and most important step is to continuously learn
As we’ve launched our solution, people live, so here we actively evaluate people’s response to increase understanding and inform how we evolve.