Allego - Kids In Charge

Allego is working on a zero emission environment for our future generations

What if we would put kids in the driver’s seat? Literally and metaphorically speaking that is. Because what we want to know is: how do they foresee the future of our mobility? What would they like, what not and what incredible ideas do they have for a cleaner and brighter future forward? To find out we invite them to take the wheel of an EV, where they’re in for a little surprise…

We invited children into an electric vehicle. Sitting in the driver’s seat (and left alone for a minute), they got surprised by the car ‘coming to life’ and starting a conversation with them. We triggered their fantasy with questions about road adventures and about the future of driving cars. This led to an entertaining and insightful conversation about the future of mobility and the need for everyone to switch to electric vehicles. After which we show how Allego is actively making the dreams of our future generations possible, through cleaner and more sustainable mobility.