Digitally (re)introducing your brand, product or service?
At Likefriends, we introduce new identities with a lasting footprint.

A strong brand is empathic. It understands exactly what its role is. It has a clear feeling about where it can go next within the culture it is embedded in. As with people, brand confidence stems from a sense of how it can grow its personality and impact. The clearer the brands’ identity at the (re)introduction, the more people engage with its message.

Personal and cultural empathy is at the core of our process. When designing a brand identity, our strategists interview business owners, brand team members, employees as well as consumers and people from the field. We combine this qualitative understanding with the data from our research tools. This creates a broad understanding, both rational and intuitive, of the brand and its cultural context.

From this basis of empathy, we help our clients define their brands’ identity and how this identity┬ámanifests itself in both traditional communication and in emerging technologies like verbal design. At Likefriends, we aim to develop brand identities that are confident and culturally viable.

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