Joppie - A fresh and delicious brand refresh

Joppie, the beloved and acclaimed sauce brand asked us to refresh their brand identity and so we fingerlicking did! It was time for Joppie to take the next step and make use of a brand identity that was more in line with the mature market position they had acquired. Despite the growth and popularity that Joppie sauce has made in recent years, it has always remained accessible.

“Vers Lekker” (Fresh and Delicious) is the new brand promise of Joppie Saus. The brand promise emphasizes Joppie’s two most important characteristics and distinguishing values. In the first place, it tells the consumer that Joppie is a fresh sauce and can be found in the refrigerator. With this tagline we invite people to give Joppie Sauce a try. It tells the consumer about a fresh sauce from the cooling section and at the same time indicates a new type of tasty: Fresh and Delicious. It tells the consumer about a fresh sauce that should be cooled in the fridge and at the same time indicates a new type of taste: Fresh and Delicious.

The Logo

We use the logo as a direct reference to the product: the sauce. When the logo is placed on a product it will be immediately clear that the logo represents the sauce. Because of this we’re able to work with many different images. We have defined the entire visual style and applied it to the communication of Joppie Saus.


Beetje Pittig

Joppie Beetje Pittig, a versatile and accessible sauce. But where is that accessibility? In the taste, of course, but also in the name. That “Beetje Pittig” (little bit), that’s where that accessibility is. That’s why we are going to enlarge that little bit step by step.