Activate and engage people with your brand, product or service?
At Likefriends, we create stories with real impact.

Being a storyteller requires empathy, and a charismatic brand needs stories to tell. Compelling stories it was in, stories it started and anecdotes it has collected. Like people, brands use these stories to advance their identity and the outside recognition of that identity. Stories give the brand a voice but more importantly, a role to play. Through stories, a brand becomes more deeply and broadly embedded within its cultural domain, leading to truly impactful engagement.

We’ve built our process around personal and cultural empathy. Credible, interesting stories require a genuine feel for and understanding of a cultural domain and the people in it. What do they care about? What type of stories are they trying to live out? What are they talking about?

Both through interviews and data collection we map out the domain we’re aiming to participate in. Through this approach of mapping out a domain we help brands find their cultural role and act on it.

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