making athletes
earn more than
their armourĀ®

On the verge of launching their new Performance Baselayer across the UK and Germany, Under Armour didn’t just seek to build awareness, but create relevant connections with a dedicated community of athletes.

Pride and confidence are core human traits and cornerstones of any athlete’s drive to perform better than the rest. Through online conversations, we challenged amateur athletes to reach new training goals, and, more importantly, to grow their pride and confidence. In turn, we pushed Under Armour to go beyond the expected and contribute to a culture obsessed with performance and improvement, forging connections between brand and people.

challenging athletes to earn their armour, and under armour to earn athletes’ attention

challenge accepted

Our message hit a nerve, with athletes running an extra 2800 miles, doing an extra 2100 push ups, lifting an extra 3500 kg, biking an extra 1600 miles and putting in hundreds of lunges and pull ups.