giving aspiring street
artists a place inside
gallery walls.

Mountain Dew’s young, strong headed target audience is notoriously aversive to commercial meddling in their affairs. Any brand wanting to be part of their culture will need to prove itself.

Mountain Dew has developed multiple properties to do so. The Dew Tour is a key international skateboarding competition, loved by its audience and a continuing source of brand stories. Furthermore, the brand has created Green Label as a content-first platform for music, fashion, art and skateboarding.

Green Label Gallery, created by Likefriends, was a series of crowd sourced art exhibitions that gave young artists a chance to showcase their work in real art galleries. The mechanism was simple, just post your piece to Instagram with #GreenLabelGallery and the curating artist(s) would get in touch.

Launched in Amsterdam with subsequent editions in Brooklyn and Colorado, the exhibition mixed these digitally submitted artworks with live art creation during the event.

An example of a brand property, fitting in with the brand’s existing properties, Green Label Gallery generated natural content and expanded the brand’s credibility in youth art culture. Mountain Dew proved again that it is able and willing to add value to the cultures it is a part of.

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Green Label Gallery enhanced culture

with the concept of a crowdsourced gallery we pushed Mountain Dew to enrich street art culture by providing a podium to aspiring artists. after a very successful first edition, Green Label Gallery returned for a second year to Amsterdam and the US.

Mountain Dew gives young artists the chance to chase their dreams

if you’re a young artist looking to develop your career, two things matter - self expression and recognition. the Green Label Gallery live art events offered both. this constantly evolving art gallery grabbed international attention and gave young artists the chance to chase their dreams.