ASICS - Engineered For Everyday SS20

ASICS is known for its scientific approach to performance products. For our ASICS Sportstyle audience, life IS performance. With this global Sportstyle campaign we showcase the scientific elements ASICS apply to the creation of their products, playfully testing the footwear and the wearers in a stylised lab setting, putting each model through their paces in every day scenarios.

Participants use VR to simulate running for a bus, are challenged to push start a car and are dancing in a bass-heavy club simulator. These scenarios highlight how ASICS has combined elements of its performance technology to give users comfort and cushioning to create new models containing GELTM technology that are ‘ENGINEERED FOR EVERYDAY’.

ASICS – Engineered For Everyday SS20

TEST 01 - Don't Be Late

Our test subjects are trying to catch a departing bus in an experiment featuring treadmills and VR, simulating running in a lifestyle context.

ASICS – Engineered For Everyday SS20

TEST 02 - Foot Power

Our test subjects are challenged to pushstart a car, in an experiment testing the grip of the footwear in a lifestyle context.

ASICS – Engineered For Everyday SS20

TEST 03 - Bass Drop

Our test subjects test the shock absorption abilities of
GELTM, dealing with the heavy bass and intense dancing
in an experimental club environment.

With this campaign Likefriends continues to prove their understanding of our unique mix of Heritage and Innovation. The creative campaign tied to ENGINEERED FOR EVERYDAY highlights how our technology can be beneficial to everyone in everyday situations, whether you are a marathon runner or late for your train.

Billy Fischer, Global SportStyle Marketing Manager at ASICS.


The ENGINEERED FOR EVERYDAY campaign features six core products; the GEL-QUANTUM 180™ 5, GEL-NANDI 360™, GEL-QUANTUM INFINITY™ JIN, GEL-QUANTUM 360™ 5, GEL-QUANTUM 90™ 2 and the GEL-QUANTUM INFINITY™ 2 models.

The campaign is currently live on social media, and digital as well as brick-and-mortar retail locations across the globe.